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Here in Ireland, the short spell that is summer brings with it a few things; sunburn, ice cream, psychosis, jellyfish, and beats. Beats are included here as every single Irish person feels the urge to wind down their windows when the sun come out, and share their beats. Elbows pop out, shades are applied, and volumes are turned up to the max. In my recent lunchtime meanderings I was privy to a touch of Beyonce, a twist of The White Stripes, and a good blast of the summer staple, The Rolling Stones. On one occasion, I heard Mundy’s July at two different parts, from two different cars, at the same traffic lights. So, in our rainy climate I can only conclude that we are a nation of sharers behind closed windows. And, well, it’s a long winter. So share wildly before you disappear back to the safest place you know – under your Simple Things alpaca blanket.

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As I write, we have just returned form a spell in the French countryside. Plenty of the usual wine, duck, and early morning visits to the bakery. What struck me this time was the absolute accuracy that the French language affords descriptions. Expressions that require sentences to blunder through in English, l’espirit d’escalier – ‘the thought that strikes you after you have left the room’, come d’habitude – ‘as is my normal way’ and the best one yet, for true meaning nut shelled, – √©goportrait – the selfie – explained in an efficient slam, ‘a portrait that massages your ego’. So all told, when you say it in French it seems to sound and feel much better. Now, back to the safest place I know, under my Simple Things throw.. Vive!

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Brand New Car

Hello, welcome aboard – make yourself comfortable on our new website. We have cut our alpaca to fit and are now proud to show you our brand new look. You know how soft and luxurious our products are, but if we could tantalise your e-senses again, it would be to imagine the delightful smell of a brand new car. So take a breath, look around, let us know what you think, join us on social media, and keep enjoying our spiffy products. Now, back to the safest place I know, under my Simple Things throw. Enjoy!