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Twilight vibes

The hour change. Let’s discuss. We totally get the daylight savings part – but what about the complete havoc it wreaks on our Cycadean rhythms? Anyone with small ones knows that they don’t look at the clock. So after a full week of waking up at 5.30am we are officially saying down with this sort of thing!

On the other hand, the twilight is arriving ever earlier and the best thing we can do is hunker down, and rather than run from Winter, embrace it. Long, crisp walks, fires lighting, and ducking under your cosiest super soft alpaca throw at the end of the (shorter) days is right up there on the menu. This season more than ever we need to channel our inner hibernation habits and create cosy nooks to read, to relax and to switch off. We need to adapt to the new rhythm of life and instead of restaurants and parties, re-direct ourselves to comforts like hot baths, early nights – and of course a luxury alpaca throw. Have a browse through our collection and treat yourself and your nook to the finest alpaca throws, scarves, wraps and more.

From pop colour blends like Triangle Orange/Duckegg, to Classic Herringbone, right through to Natural Nudes we’ve got you covered. 

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Brand New Car

Hello, welcome aboard – make yourself comfortable on our new website. We have cut our alpaca to fit and are now proud to show you our brand new look. You know how soft and luxurious our products are, but if we could tantalise your e-senses again, it would be to imagine the delightful smell of a brand new car. So take a breath, look around, let us know what you think, join us on social media, and keep enjoying our spiffy products. Now, back to the safest place I know, under my Simple Things throw. Enjoy!