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Eco Alpacas

A selection of our alpaca throws resting on a bureau in a house setting.
A range of our greener tones…

As we watch David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet we move between pacing the floor and shouting WHAT HAVE WE DONE right through to making immediate plans for changing our lifestyles to help Mother Earth to recover. At the very core of what we do are alpacas – and the simple fact that they fit right in to natural ecology is key. You see they can graze and thrive on natural landscapes that are not deforested, like for the cashmere goat, and this holds the biggest difference we can make to reduce climate change – we don’t need to cut down trees! 

Alpaca has been named the most sustainable and ethical wool on the planet. 

Similar to cashmere, alpaca is a natural fibre with a silky luxurious feel – it is just as warm and soft as cashmere but even more durable, and pilling and balling is a thing of the past due to the straight fibre. An influencer I spoke to the other day has had our Grey Herringbone throw since 2014 and has wintered in it for 6 years – if you think about how many replacement throws she may have bought in that timeframe, the environmental benefits of alpaca wool stack up further. Better to buy once and buy well – alpaca ends fast fashion naturally as our pieces will outlive us all. So, along with all the other eco-choices you are making to help repair the planet, consider alpaca as a very comfortable move.