Why Alpaca?

What is alpaca?

Alpaca fleece has a hollow fibre which renders it uniquely light and up to 30% warmer than the same weight of merino wool. Once you feel it you’ll see.

Alpaca has no lanolin content, meaning it’s hypoallergenic, which together with an absence of the ‘prickle factor’ associated with ordinary wool makes it ideally suited for babies and sensitive skins. It is up to 4 times harder wearing than the best wool and does not pill or ball.

We love alpacas! They are not killed for their fleece; they can live for 20 years, with a lifetime of shearing potential of far greater value than a single pelt.

Why are alpacas so special?

Alpacas are beautiful, social, inquisitive and slightly crackers animals. They are a species of camelid, similar to the Llama but smaller and quirkier. They have a beautiful fine and heavy fleece, which occurs naturally in over 22 shades ranging from black, charcoal, silver, sand, brown and ivory. We haven’t come across any pink ones on our travels, but their fleece can be dyed any colour. Oh – they hum when they are happy!

Alpacas are native to the Andes in South America and roam the altiplano (high plain) of Peru. The worlds ‘top of the class’ animals remain in Peru where they are most at home for breeding – and they speak the lingo.

Peruvians and Royalty around the world have cherished Alpaca fleece for millennia – earning it the name ‘Gold of the Andes’

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